Hello, my name is Megan. I am on a journey for WLS (weight loss surgery). I was referred to  La Tonya. During my time our conversations honestly to me, life-changing. Some of the things we talked about brought a lot of light to my life. She is amazing and she honestly cares she treats you like a friend. I found myself thinking about what would La Tanya do. She helped me push myself and opened my eyes to the love I had for myself that was deep down. I completed all my steps for WLS (weight loss surgery) and I don't have to see her anymore but I choose to. When you find someone amazing and great and someone that helps push you to be a better you, you stay with them. 

                                      Megan/Health Coaching Client

La Tonya, I wanted to let you know that I had my annual physical with blood work and my A1C is now normal and the doctor told me I'm doing great! Since we're in this together, I wanted to share this with you and say thanks. Your coaching has made a difference in me and I will always be eternally grateful

Mike H./ Diabetes Prevention Program Participant

Three months ago, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with having a mini-stroke called a TIA (transient ischemic attack). At that point, I had to make a decision to begin a serious lifestyle change. I had to hold myself accountable for my own life, but I needed some help. While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I found a former high school friend who was a health and wellness coach. I can definitely affirm that she has helped me tremendously with my lifestyle change.

La Tonya's knowledge and approach to health and wellness went way beyond my expectations. Ironically being a nurse for so many years, I felt as if I knew nothing going into the program. However, I've gained so much insight after working with La Tonya for three months. From diabetes management, weight loss advice, and healthy eating habits, to spiritual uplifting, La Tonya has enabled me to take charge of my life. Her weekly sessions were extremely informative and included a multitude of resources that specifically catered to what I needed to begin the process. If you want a professional and personal approach to a healthier lifestyle, I fully recommend that you give her a try and see your mindset become more focused on a healthier way of living.


Leslie M./ Health and Wellness Coaching Client